This campaign was made for the launch of the new Club Colombia's bottle, a design that reflects 6 different Colombian values that identify us as a country and as Colombians (Creativity, Evolution, Heritage, Progress, Dedication and Culture). We chose 6 renowned artists to reinterpret each of these values to become the communication pieces of the whole campaign which included Outdoor, Print, TV, Digital and Social.

Pre-Launch Campaign / Press & Outdoor
First, we invited Colombians to use #LoBuenodeCOlombia (#TheBestofCOlombia) in social networks to speak up about the good things about our country, and we use an unbranded campaign in outdoor to show the 6 chosen colombian values.
Translation: We are Creativity. #TheBestofCOlombia. March 17th.
Translation: We are Culture. #TheBestofCOlombia. March 17th.
Translation: We are Progress / We are Heritage / We are Evolution.
Detail. Handmade Billboards.

Launch Campaign / TV , Outdoor & Digital Content
For Launch, we made a teaser film to show a preview of the work of the artists, inviting people to know about the whole project in our site, and we revealed all the outdoor and print ads with the image of the new bottle.

Short Film Series - Digital Content
After the launch, we made a short film series portraying the work of each artist and each given value to be shared in social networks letting people know a little bit more about each project.

Case Study

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